Year 8 Geography Trip to Cadbury World

Geography Trip

Year 8 Cadbury World Trip

The Year 8 children travelled up to Birmingham to the original Bourneville Factory. Although chocolate was an important element of the day(!), the focus was on industry – a major topic of the Common Entrance Geography syllabus.

We learnt about cocoa beans and how they were transported to England. This was interesting as we learnt about the countries where the beans grow and what climate factors they need to grow successfully. Next we were shown how the company came to be and how Bourneville was created by the Cadbury Brothers. There was a focus on the location of industry and why the factory developed on the site where it is found today. We also discussed factories and farming as a system. This enabled the children to learn about Inputs, Throughputs and Outputs.

We were taken on a step by step journey of how the beans travel through the factory. We discussed the different processes involved. The children went into the factory and watched people making some chocolate and they saw a number of different processes taking place including: tempering, moulding, wrapping and packaging.

In the afternoon the children enjoyed an hour’s lecture when they found out about fair trade and the Cocoa Life scheme which has been introduced to give the farmers in Ghana a fair price for their cocoa. There was so much to take on board during the day and it proved to be another successful Geography trip.



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