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2017 - CHEAM ROOM 101

Our finalists this year delivered an eclectic mix of niggles, gripes, moans, and downright desperate pleas to lock away their pet hates into Room 101. Carefully sculpted speeches designed to appeal to the Cheam audience, pull at their heart strings and collect their votes were delivered with passion and humour by our speakers who clearly had something to get off their collective chests. The use of humour, personal experience, anecdote and factual research all came into play.

The winners:

In the Year 6 group, Leila C won the day, dismantling the ridiculous fashion trends that we sometimes blindly get caught up with to stay in vogue. Beth L produced a passionate speech in the Year 7 round in which she highlighted the debatable value of putting "Good Effort" at the end of a piece of work. Our two Year 8 groups provided a high level series of rants and rages with Freddie H just managing to convince the audience that "Insects" needed to banished to the darkest reaches of Room 101. In the final grouping tension was high as for one moment it looked like "Father Christmas" was heading to the notorious room as a result of Ralph H cleverly slanted speech which proffered a whole new take on the gentleman in red complete with allusions to dubious business practices. In the end Allegra H just squeezed through with her compelling delivery (complete with French accent) on the torture of "French Radio".

Well done to all contributors for providing an evening of such rich entertainment.


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