An Introduction to the Law

Talk/Lecture Event

We were treated to a whistle-stop “Introduction to The Law” from Mr and Mrs Freeland, aka His Honour Judge Simon Freeland QC and Miss Anne Studd QC.

There was a good crowd of 7NK, 8ZD, other interested Year 6 and7 pupils and a few teachers and parents, and I’m sure everyone in the room learned plenty from the fascinating slide-show introduction, which gave an insight into how the law can affect us all in our daily lives, and we looked at some notable recent cases. Then the pupils were each assigned different roles in a mock trial – Jamie H had the dubious honour of being the defendant in the dock, accused of stealing a box of chocolates from the Kingsclere supermarket. He was expertly defended by Allegra H and Harry S, and despite the interrogations of prosecution lawyers Amelia H and Angus WG, and after hearing the testimony of witnesses William H, William W and Konstanz CM, the jury finally, after much heated discussion, found him not guilty by a majority verdict. After that, there was more excitement as the pupils were allowed to try on the wardrobe of gowns, wigs, gloves, sashes and all sorts of other judicial paraphernalia that the Freelands had kindly brought with them, although I’m not sure any of the boys were brave enough to try on Judge Freeland’s tights! A number of Cheamites looked very comfortable in their legal garb – a career in law certainly seems like it could be a lot of fun, and of course incredibly interesting and useful, after this evening’s lecture. 


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