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7NK and 8ZD Trip to the Churchill War Rooms and Houses of Parliament

On Thursday 9th November 2017, some Year 7s and 8s embarked on an educational trip to London to visit the Churchill War Rooms and the Houses of Parliament. Despite the freezing cold weather, it was a fabulous day out.

We visited Churchill’s historic underground bunker and Cabinet War Rooms, learning about the life and legacy which he led through The Second World War by listening to war time speeches and reading letters left behind. These rooms are hidden beneath the streets of Westminster and due to the need for protection of the Prime Minister it became the heart of Britain’s Government throughout. The children loved looking through the rooms which would have been filled with tense days and hard nights. We were lucky enough to see the map room, with the real maps sill remaining, conference rooms, bedrooms for various types of important people that helped run the country to victory, and much more.

 We had a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament learning what goes on inside. We travelled through the Lords Chamber and the Commons Chamber, following in the footsteps of the Queen at the State Opening. Following this, the children did a workshop in the education centre in which they learnt about women’s rights and the Suffragettes, in particular Emmeline Pankhurst. They also learnt about different ways to go about campaigning for an issue. The topic they all chose to campaign on was about having biscuits after games rather than before! The debate got rather heated as this is something the children clearly feel rather strongly about.


 Overall it was a wonderful day!

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