Year 5 Music Showcase

Music Event

On Tuesday 14th November we showcased our Year 5s and the music they have been working on in their lessons this term.

All three forms produced some lovely solo items. We were treated to performances on the piano, drums, flute, oboe, trumpet, violin, guitar, viola, clarinet and not forgetting the singers too. I think it showed everybody what budding musicians we have coming up through the school;  our future orchestra and Chapel Choir!

Each form then performed a piece which we have put together in class, each band comprising of glokenspiel, drums and percussion and in the case of 5BM, as they have many flautists within their ranks, the addition of a flute line too. 5BM played a rousing performance of Linstead Market, whilst 5AL offered a jaunty Daisy Daisy and 5HJ a gentle Simple Gifts.

Our final item was a combined singing piece. It was a very hearty, maybe heartier than I was expecting, performance of 'Dolphin School' from a children's cantata called 'Ocean World', which teaches how we are ruining our world and how this generation has to help do something about it. All the children had great fun performing to their parents. Music is a wonderful way of communicating and joining together as a team and these youngsters gave us a most enjoyable hour of entertainment. I look forward to learning some Xmas music now!

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