Year 5 geography trips to the South Downs

Geography Trip

In Geography, Year 5 are learning about England's National Parks.


We went on an adventure to the South Downs to witness the beauty of the vast rolling green hills and to gain a clearer understanding of the benefits and costs of these landcapes. We began our trip at the South Downs Information Centre which is in the heart of the Park in the old cobbled town of Midhurst. The children loved looking through the interactive displays and learned a great deal about the incentives behind having National Parks as well as the importance of protecting these areas sustainably. After doing some research on the make up of the foundations of the land in the South Downs, we went on a beautiful walk and identified the different rock and vegetation types which we had seen in the information centre. Lunch was served on a green fortress looking over an old castle and we managed to interview a number of people who were using the park in order to gain a clearer picture on the many leisure activities which one can do in the South Downs. It was a sunny and bright day and we would all love to return again soon!

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