Science Day at Bradfield College

Science Outing

Bradfield Science Day - by the Pupils


We went to a Science day at Bradfield College. It was very exciting and we learned about Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Explosions. In Chemistry, we were given lots of test tubes and so many different liquids. We had to mix some of the liquids which they gave us and write down what happened. We knew what some of the liquids were but there were some new ones made from bright colours which we had never seen before.


In Biology, they gave us some maggots in a tin. We got the fright of our lives! The tin had half a black base and half a transparent base. We put the stopwatch on and every 15 seconds we had to write down how many maggots were on each side of the tin. The maggots were so slimy and sticky but they still managed to move.


Physics was the best! We handmade some loud speakers and we were judged on the sound quality and decoration. We made our speakers by making a paper tube and a paper cone selotaped to the cone on the tube. Our decoration was slightly muffled which cost us points but the sound was great! The explosion was the highlight of our trip. We saw a huge bag filled with gas catch alight. It was so scary but such fun! It was the best day out!



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