Cracking the Code at Sherborne School

Year 7 Trip

On Thursday 12th October, 7NK were invited to Sherborne School and Sherborne Girls School to take part in their ‘Cracking the Code Day’.

It was a weird day for me, as I hope to go to Sherborne one day myself, and it was strange going so close to my sister’s house, but I thought that it was really fun, apart from the fact that it took me the whole 90+ minute journey home to solve the cube puzzle we were given in our gift bags – but when I did eventually get it, it was super satisfying!

The day was split into four sessions and I especially like the Science – extracting DNA from a kiwi fruit and seeing how it forms a web was incredible.

We had a very peaceful and thought-provoking RS session in the Chapel, which is an amazing building. We were told that Sherborne have a tradition of always keeping silence on the stairs into Chapel in honour of those old boys who died in the World Wars. As I want to be in the army myself I thought this was particularly poignant. 


I nearly fried my brain in the maths session, which involved two different codes to break – the one my group worked on involved a load of triangles and was super difficult.

And in the Modern Foreign Languages session I discovered that Irish isn’t only an accent, but there is a really hard language too. The way they say numbers is just weird, but I think my table did actually sort of crack the code.

All the teachers and people organising the day, from driving the buses from one site to another, to serving us the most delicious lunch, were incredibly kind. What a great day!

Jamie H, 7NK



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