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Archie Lloyd World Cup 2017

Sunday 10th September saw a gathering of former pupils, parents, staff and friends of Cheam that has not been seen here for at least 20 years, if at all.

Many of our readers will be very aware of the tragedy that befell the Lloyd family back in 2015 when Archie was killed whilst on holiday with friends just after leaving Harrow. The coming together of people connected with the family for Archie’s memorial and the subsequent fundraising and ball which took place in his name, resulted in such camaraderie that Cheam thought it would be wonderful to mark Archie’s life here somehow.

A few months later, following a lot of coercing out of retirement of some parents who should know better, we arrived at Cheam on the 10th to find close to 220 players and over 200 spectators ready to do battle for the coveted Archie Lloyd World Cup. Teams such as San Marino, Brazil, Argentina and England stood shoulder to shoulder with some more interesting locations including the Central African Republic, Somalia and North Korea!

Under grey skies the 24 teams took to their group matches and whilst one or two produced some interesting skills, there was clearly a great deal of ability on show. Unfortunately, our vision of hazy September sunshine and picnic rugs with vino flowing freely was scotched by the elements and some pretty heavy rain and wind ensued blowing the marquee away. Nonetheless, the teams battled on to the knockout stages. The only downside being that the poor weather (and perhaps various parties from the night before) meant that many just wanted to get home to a warm bath. But as we hit the semi-finals of the trophy and plate competitions the sun came out and some wonderful football ensued. Watty could finally relax on the scoreboards and we could all enjoy the play.

The final was hotly contested between the Gordon Clark, Pleydell-Bouverie & Padovan San Marino (Flora’s Kitchen) and the musketeer-esque Somalia, under the leadership of Albert Clark which was full of Archie’s year group from Cheam. The scores stayed tight all the way through until we were left with a Golden Goal sudden death situation. Somehow San Marino squeaked the winner and what meant heartbreak to their African cousins, resulted in joy for the European minnows.

Awards and thanks by the pitches were followed by a few drinks courtesy of the Headmaster up on the Loggia, before weary bodies wended their ways home, via the Royal Oak in Ecchinswell. All we await now is the date for next year’s competition. It was an absolutely fabulous day for old boys and girls to get together and for us all to remember Arch.


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