Year 4s visit Silchester's Roman Wall

History Trip

Silchester Roman Wall

This summer term the Year 4s embarked on an exciting trip to Silchester Roman wall. It was a huge success and the children thoroughly enjoyed seeing what still stands of the Roman wall and amphitheatre. We began by walking around and on the wall. The children were shown how the wall was built, the structure and design. They also saw what remains of the defensive ditches surrounding the wall and learnt why they were there and fully began to understand how difficult a Roman town such as Silchester would have been to attack. After walking around the wall, we finished at what is left of the amphitheatre. The sense of atmosphere and excitement was felt by everyone. Great fun was had by all here, through a lot of play re-enactment! Overall a huge success, with the children both enjoying themselves and enhancing their understanding of Roman life.


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