Year 7 visit The Olympic Park

Geography Trip

Year 7 Trip to East Village and the Olympic Park

Cheam School’s Year 7s went on a trip to The Olympic Park in East London. We went because Year 7 are learning about Sustainability and Population in Geography. Sustainability means how long a home or structure will last and how easy it is for the inhabitants to live in it.

Our first location was Carpenters Estate. This area was filled with rows of 1960’s terraced houses, and blocks of flats that were badly maintained and run-down. We were asked to fill in a small graph and come up with a total score on how sustainable this area of East London was. We did not think that this was very sustainable as these houses were not eco-friendly, were not very energy efficient and needed re-furbishment. Our score suggested that Carpenters Estate was an area of London were people did not have the best basic services which are needed to live comfortably.

The Olympic Park was a place where Olympic Athletes competed and stayed during the London 2012 Olympics. We saw many amazing facilities including the swimming pool, the velodrome, the stadium which has now been rented out to West Ham football club but in the summer it is used for athletics and we went in to the energy centre where all the electricity and power for the Olympic Park is generated.

Whilst the sports facilities were most impressive, our focus was on the housing estate. There were over 2,800 flats build to host the athletes which have been converted for people to buy or rent.  Every block of flats in east village had a different architect that designed its pattern and style. The village is very sustainable compared to Carpenter’s Estate. It is sustainable because of the local activities, the many green spaces which have been grown bringing more wildlife to the area, the water purification system and the many jobs which have been created in the local area.

After we had our lunch we went out in to the streets in East Village and interviewed people who lived and worked around the area. They all said it was much more sustainable since 2012 but that there was too much building work and people around which made East Village very busy. Many people said the transport was excellent and that they felt much safer in the new village.

To conclude we learnt a lot and managed to understand the many aspects of London living. It was very inspiring to see the difference between each estate. It makes us feel lucky to have such great facilities and a wonderful school in which we can progress and thrive in the future.

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