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8ZD Play in a Day 'Shakespeare for Supper'

On Friday May 5th, 8ZD took on their annual challenge of performing a Play in a Day. This year's production saw 12 children take on two highly adapted and shortened/massacred Shakespearean plays: Hamlet and A Midsummer Night's Dream.

If one thing is for certain about 8ZD's performance it is that they certainly were not 'playing it safe'. Hamlet was performed, for the majority, as a piece of promenade theatre which meant that the audience were taken on a gentle stroll around the grounds of Cheam whilst following the story. This proved quite tricky with an audience of just over 80, but the enthusiasm and creativity was clear to be seen. The audience's Hamlet journey led them to the Drama Studio, where A Midsummer Night's Dream began. This was a highly successful piece of theatre relied entirely on audience participation, and it was great to see such highlights as Mr Rawson singing Lady in Red on karaoke.

All in all this was a highly creative and very successful evening, and certainly not the usual Friday evening for anyone! 8ZD were an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the day, and we all had a lot of fun creating theatre. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.


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