Year 7 trip to Verulamium and St Albans Cathedral

Classics Trip

St Albans 2017 

On the 25th April, Year 7 were lucky to go on a joint Classics and RS trip to the Roman Theatre of St Albans, Verulamium Roman Museum and St Albans Cathedral.  The first stop was the Roman Theatre, the only one of its kind in the country.  In Roman times it was used not only for plays but also for public meetings and various other types of entertainment, such as gladiator fights.  Next was a visit to the excellent Verulamium Museum.  Year 7 were split into two groups and had a go at filling in a worksheet in the museum as well as taking part in a handling session, looking at genuine Roman artefacts.  They really got into the swing of investigative archaeology!  After a delightful lunch in the sun, everyone headed to St Albans Cathedral.  They were treated to a fascinating tour of the Cathedral, looking at the different areas and their importance for Christian worship.  After a quick look at some Roman walls and a hypocaust system, it was back to the bus before returning home to Cheam tired, but with enhanced knowledge of almost two thousand years of history and culture. 



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