Cheam performs 'School of Rock'

Drama Play

The first  production of 'School of Rock' in a UK school is performed by Cheam.

Cheam wowed and stunned its audiences over the course of three nights (14th, 16th and 17th March) as they performed the premier school performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber's latest hit musical 'School of Rock'.

 A sensationally exuberant and upbeat performance entertained packed audiences and received standing ovations. Led in an exceptional performance by Ned PB as the central character of Dewey Finn, immortalised on screen by Jack Black, the cast sang, danced and acted their way through a performance that 'rocked' well into the night. All of the 100+ students that were involved with this show had great fun in performing it and at the end of the final performance the cast and crew were given a great seal of approval from Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber himself.

 It has been a great pleasure to have been given the opportunity to perform this show. What an incredible adventure we all have been on. Huge congratulations must go to all involved, but special mention to the fantastic cast who were outstanding. 


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