Year 3 visit the Living Rainforest

Year 3 Trip

The Years 3s embarked on their inaugural trip to the Living Rainforest on Thursday 9th March. 

As a year group they have very much enjoyed studying the rainforests this term within in our Geography and Science work and also in English. The children were particularly excited as we knew that on our return to school we would begin writing non-fiction rainforest books about the layers of the rainforest, so we were eager to find out as much information as we could.

On arrival we were taken on a tour of rainforest biomes by two fantastic guides and were told about 'amazing adaptations' which we soon learnt were ways in which plants and animals have changed (adapted) to living in the rainforest and its conditions. A particularly favourite was seeing the 'black magic plant' which we learnt is species found living in rivers and pools, and when it rains heavily, the leaves of this plant do not appear to get wet at all. We also enjoyed seeing various different animals including toucans, different species of monkey and we even caught a glimpse of the elusive 'Cinnamon the Sloth'!

The children also had an opportunity to explore the rainforest without a guide where we were able to spend a little more time looking at some of the smaller wildlife the rainforest has to offer, including fish, insects and birds.

The trip, whilst providing a fantastic learning opportunity, also afforded us the opportunity to spend some time bonding as a year group and all in all a fantastic day was had by teachers and pupils alike. We feel very lucky to have such an amazing resource on our door step to explore and aid us in our learning!



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