Thinking Outside the Box

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Year 8s and Year 5s enjoyed Philosophy Workshops.

On Thursday the Year 8s enjoyed a morning of thinking outside the box as they took part in their annual Philosophy Morning. We were lucky to be joined by Heads of RS from Marlborough and Wellington and two fantastic visiting philosophers from The Philosophy Shop. The children took part in four workshops and explored the differences between fact, opinion and belief, tried to decide whether or not we are truly free, explored the concept of justice and guilt, and even attempted to create their own language! The Cheam pupils embraced the opportunity wholeheartedly and everyone found the intellectual challenges presented by the day to be very stimulating. It was excellent to see the Year 8s making the most of the opportunity to think freely beyond the confines of the classroom and we are already looking forward to next year!

On Monday the Philosophy workshop returned to Cheam for another day of in depth discussions and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, this time with the Year 5s. Every class enjoyed an hour discussing how to divide a cake amongst 4 people and who gets what. Simple it may seem but scenarios were included such as one person being more important than the others, one person making the cake, one person being stronger so wanting it and one person being naughty therefore do they deserve any, the discussions moved forward with growing eagerness. Some classes developed it further and moved the cake on to money which opened up even more interesting discussions about fairness and equality. The year group were fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed the challenges the day set for them. 


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