Science trips

Science Trip

Year 8, Fleas and Caffeine

Post exams, Mrs B challenged Year 8 to find out how different drinks could affect heart rate. The task involved using various experimental techniques to examine daphnia before and after being given different drinks. They had to find and count the water flea's beating heart under a microscope. The 'energy drinks' typically raised the fleas' pulse, if it didn't kill them first!

Chemistry show at Marlborough College

6AE had a stroke of luck in that they had science when the opportunity came about to watch a Chemistry show about 'The Gases in Air'. Dr Harrison demonstrated a variety of experiments the changed colour, got smelly, burnt, exploded and more. The children had great fun seeing and hearing the reactions of the gases all around us as well as some advanced concepts regarding reactions from this leading Chemist.

Year 8 trip to the National Science Museum

Having missed out on the 'Launchpad' area last year, we were all keen to see the newly refurbished and updated interactive 'Wonderlab'. We were not disappointed!

Having been round our main exhibits the Energy, Materials and 'Who am I?' galleries, the opportunity to get hands on and 'play' was a fitting end to a full on day of science that gave the pupils a great chance to see and experience many of the concepts we study up close and personal, and on a bigger scale than at school.


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