Year 8s visit Cadbury World

Geography Trip

Cadbury World

On Monday the 28th of November Year 8 embarked on a 2 hour journey to Cadbury World in Birmingham.  After a long trip, the party filtered into the Cadbury Factory, warmly welcomed by wafting aromas of decadent chocolate and eye catching displays of Christmas themed chocolate delights. With mouth-watering lips we entered the Cadbury experience and began to follow the journey of a cocoa bean from source to final product. 

We began by setting out on a walk back through time, learning of the history of Cadbury as told by the legend John Cadbury himself.  We learned about his humble tea leaves, spicy coffee and of course the introduction of cocoa and how his business grew in to the chocolate empire we now know as Cadbury. The life cycle of the bean was next! We transformed ourselves into cocoa beans and rumbled, bumbled and roasted our way from their source in Ghana to the Cadbury Factory in England. On arrival, we jumped into a virtual cinema and learned about the secondary industry where the roasted beans are transformed into chocolate bars, drinking chocolate and all the other delicious Cadbury products we see on the shelves today. Lastly, we took a walk through time to see the transformation in the advertising of Cadbury.

The highlight of the day (other than copious amounts of the finest chocolate!) was the informative lecture on the primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary industries. The children impressed our guide with their extensive knowledge on industry and thoroughly enjoyed tasting, smelling and touching the raw materials which were passed around! What a super day – needless to say the bus trip home was very quiet! 


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