Boarding Spanish Evening

Boarding Event

Boarders enjoy a sensational Spanish Evening!

Friday night took a different turn this week as Cheam’s themed evenings debuted with a Spanish feel.  The large dining room was decked out with traditional Spanish colours and flags and was turned into ‘Dann-ilos’, the finest Spanish restaurant in rural Headley, West Berkshire.   The 100+ children and staff who attended dressed up in many fantastic costumes including footballers, matadors, flamenco dancers and even Zorro was spotted somewhere in the restaurant.  There was also one solitary flamingo (Mr Milbank), but he was confined to a deck chair all evening!

The evening was great fun, with the sumptuous menu of cold meat tapas, chicken and chorizo risotto followed by a wonderful chocolate cake, all washed down with some sangria (what else!). As the dinner finished, the chapel was the next stop where resident DJ Puggers treated the boarders to a disco but not before some traditional bull fighting took place.  The arena was fizzing with excitement and buzzing with noise as a number of fights took place (with a pillow of course!), and perhaps Mr Kehoe’s nimble footwork, or Benji’s taking down of the Headmaster would go down as the most entertaining fights!

It was a really enjoyable evening, all the children had a lot of fun and plans are already afoot for the next themed dinner soon!


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