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A full staff list for 2017/18 can be found below. For more information or any queries please contact us


  • R Marsh (Chairman)
  • D Tinsley (Chairman of Finance Committee)
  • N Adams (Chairman of Academic Committee)
  • Mrs W Batchelor
  • Mrs E Dawson
  • R Hornsby
  • J Leigh
  • Mrs A May
  • R Moore
  • B Reid
  • Mrs S Scrope

If you wish to contact the Chair of Governors, please do so via the School Office, contact details for which are to be found at the bottom of this page.

Prep Staff



M.J.S. Harris, BSc (Loughborough), PGCE (London) (History; SMT)


Headmaster’s Wife

Mrs C. Harris, Grad. Dip. PT (St Thomas Hospital), MSc (Brighton) (SMT)


Deputy Headmaster

T.C. Haigh BA (Birmingham), PGCE (Westminster College, Oxford)
(French; SMT; Year 8*; Scholarship Coordinator)


Assistant Headmaster

M. B. Small, BSc (Leeds), PGCE (Cheltenham), Cert (Boarding Education) 
(Maths; SMT: Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Academic Staff

  • Dr. K. A. Adlam, BSc (Imperial College) PhD (Bristol) (Science & Chemistry)
  • Miss C. Bartlett, BSc (Oxford Brookes) (PE;Sports Development*)
  • ‚ÄčT. J. H. Bennett, MA (Christ Church, Oxford), MEd (Reading), LRSM (RS, Music*; Director of Performing Arts*; SMT)
  • [Mrs A. L. Billinger, BSc, PGCE (Bristol) (Science & Chemistry*)]
  • P. H. Billinger, QMS Auditor (ICT*)
  • [Mrs F. E. Chapman, BA (Warwick) (French & Latin; House Parent)]
  • T. W. E. Chapman, BA (Oxford Brookes), PGCE (Buckingham) (Geography*; Boarding Housemaster)
  • Mrs J. K. Clark, BEd (Homerton College, Cambridge), NWARC (Chester) (Art*)
  • Mrs A. R. Dalton, BA (Winchester), QTS (Reading University) (Geography & Pre-Prep Games)
  • Mrs Z. E. W. Deacon, BA (Durham), PGCE (St Mary’s College, Twickenham) (French; Master of Scholars; SMT)
  • Mrs E. R. Edwards, BSc (Keele), PGCE (Southampton) (Maths)
  • Miss A. J. Elkington, BSoc Sci, PGCE (Rhodes) (English, History & Pre-Prep Games)
  • C. W. Ellis, BA (Exeter), PGCE (Lincoln College, Oxford) (French*)
  • Mrs G. Ellis, BA (Durham), PGCE (St Edmund’s College, Cambridge) (Maths*)
  • Mme M. C. Fortier, BA (King’s College, London), PGCE (Greenwich) (French)
  • A. P. Gabbitas, BTEC, HND (Brunel), CertTEFL (Eastbourne) (ICT; Director of Sports Administration)
  • Miss L. J. Gazard, MEd with Maths (Winchester) (Year 3)
  • M. Glycopantis, BA (Cambridge), PGCE (Winchester) (Maths & Geography)
  • Mrs B. J. Horton, BA, QTS, RSA DipSpLD (Portsmouth Polytechnic) (Learning Support)
  • Mrs K. Hudson, BEd (Exeter), DipSpLD, UKTEFL (Learning Support*)
  • A. P. A. Hynes, BA (Manchester Metropolitan), PGCE (Southampton) (Director of Digital Learning*)
  • H. N. N. Jennings, BA (Newcastle), PGCE (Winchester) (Maths)
  • N. T. Kehoe, BSc (Wales), PGCE (Keele) (History*; Year 7*)
  • M. J. Knowles, BSc (Brighton), (Sport and General Subjects)
  • T. A. W. Littleton, BA (Bournemouth Arts Institute), PGCE (Buckingham) (Art, History & RS)
  • J. Lynam, BEd (Westminster College, Oxford) (Latin)
  • Mrs H. A. L. Mason, BSc (Exeter), PGCE (Oxford Brookes) (Science & Maths; Year 8; PSHCEE*)
  • N. C. Milbank, BA (Nottingham Trent) (English, History, Head of Juniors; Year 4*; SMT)
  • Miss B. J. Millar, BSc, PGCE (Rhodes) (Geography, Maths & RS; Assistant Housemistress: Year 5*)
  • Ms C. Oliver, BSc (Plymouth), PGCE (Bristol), CAPSE, OCR Cert, DipSpLD (Head of Assessment and Pre-Testing)
  • D. E. Pike, BSc (Brunel), Cert (Boarding Education) (PE; Assistant Housemaster; Director of Sport)
  • C. L. Ponder, BA (St Mary’s University College), PGCE (Buckingham) (Drama* & English)
  • H. Powell, BEd (Wales) (PE*)
  • Miss M. A. Power, BA (Kings College, London), PGCE (Girton College, Cambridge) (RS* and English)
  • J. A. S. Pugsley, BSoc Sci, PGCE (Loughborough) (English & Drama)
  • D. C. Rawson, BA, PGCE (Southampton) (English*)
  • Mrs M. Renals, BEd (Kingston), RGN (Year 3*)
  • P. D. Rist, HND in Design and Modelmaking (Bournemouth & Poole College (Design & Technology)
  • Miss G. H. A. Roderick, BA (King’s College, London), PGCE (Worcester) (French & Latin)
  • M. R. Ruane, BSc (Bristol), PGCE (Buckingham) (Science; Director of Outdoor Pursuits; Year 6*)
  • Miss A. J. Rudd, BA, PGCE (Exeter) (Year 3 Tutor & RS)
  • [Mrs R. Salisbury, BA (Nottingham) QTS (Oxon & Bucks) (Design & Technology)]
  • M. J. Shaughnessy, BSc (Loughborough), PGCE (Buckingham) (Maths)
  • S. Summers, BEng (Wales), PGCE (Roehampton) (Science*)
  • N. V. Swain, RSA DipEduc (Edgewood College) (English & RS)
  • Miss E. L. Watts, BA, QTS (Twickenham) (English, RS & Maths)
  • A. Webber, BA (Liverpool), MA (Liverpool), QTS (Classics*)
  • Mrs C. Wood, BA, QTS (Brighton) (Science, LS & PE; Girls Games*)
  • Miss N. J. Wright, BA, QTS (Cardiff), DipSpLD (Learning Support)


* Denotes Head of Department, Year or Coordinator

Pre-Prep Staff

Head of Pre-Prep

Mrs J. A. M. Marriott, BA (Leeds), EYPS (SMT)


Deputy Head

Mrs R. Davey, BA (Cardiff), PGCE (Oxford Brookes) (Year 2; Maths*; Teaching & Learning*)


Head of Early Years

Mrs H. E. Uwalaka, MA (University of London), BA (Royal Holloway), PGCE (Durham) (Reception)


  • Mrs F. A. Crosswell, DEUG (Chinois, Paris Porte Dauphine) (French)
  • Mrs S. E. Jarrett, CertEd (International) Montessori, SPLDCert (Nursery; SENCO*)
  • M. Lijinsky, CT (ABRSM) (Music)
  • Mrs A. M. Liverton, BA (Durham), PGCE (Kingston University) (Year 2)
  • Mrs S. Lumley-Kreysa, BA Ed (Oxford Brookes), Cert Ed (London) (Year 1)
  • Mrs L. M. McLaren, BA, QTS (Canterbury) (Year 2)
  • Mrs J Ward, BSc (University of Delaware, USA) (Year 1)


  • Mrs L. Ashton, NNEB, HLTA (Teaching Assistant; Library)
  • Miss K. A. Baikie, Foundation Degree (Winchester), NVQ3 (Reception Graduate Teacher)
  • Mrs L. Ball, Level 3 Diploma (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs L. Carter, BA (Altaj, Barnaul), HLTA (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs K Creed (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs K. L. Dann, BA (Reading) (Teaching Assistant; Matron)
  • Mrs J. Day, SAC Diploma, NCFE3 (After School Club)
  • Mrs D. Gatehouse, NVQ2 (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs V. C. Haigh, BA (UWIC) (Community & Environment)
  • Mrs J. Howard, NNEB (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs C. Imi, MA (Edinburgh), NVQ3 (After School Club)
  • Mrs L. Moores, Diploma Business Finance (After School Club)
  • Mrs S. Pockney, (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs S. L. Reed, STA (Winchester), HLTA (Extended Learning Assistant)
  • Mrs T. Saywell-Lee, Diploma (Abakan) (After School Club)
  • Mrs L. D. Scarrett, NVQ3 (Teaching Assistan, After School Club*)

* Denotes Head of Department, Year or Coordinator

Support Staff



  • M. S. Smith (Bursar & Clerk to the Governors)                                                                               
  • Mrs S. M. Bird (Assistant Bursar)
  • Mrs M. S. Pease (Payroll & Personnel Clerk)
  • Mrs S. Skelton (Deputy Bursar)
  • Mrs C. Wilson, BSc (Birmingham) (Compliance Officer)


Administrative Staff


  • Mrs K. E. M. Ansell, SRN, RMN (Receptionist; Tennis & Girls Games)
  • Mrs A. Arkwright (Registrar)
  • Mrs C. Kinnear (Secretary to Director of  Performing Arts)
  • Mrs J. M. Moore, BA (Exeter) (Pre-Prep Secretary)
  • Mrs S. M. Orme (Secretary to the Senior Management Team)
  • Mrs M. Parkins (School Secretary)
  • Mrs H. Reeves (Secretary to Director of Studies & LS Department)
  • Mrs N. M. Small (Assistant Secretary)
  • Mrs J. N. Stewart-Lockhart (Headmaster’s Secretary)


Support Staff


  • Mrs J. G. Eadie, BA (Oxford Brookes) (Year 3 Assistant)
  • S. W. C. Engert, (Drama Assistant)
  • Mrs A. M. Gabbitas, (Resources*; Display*)
  • Mrs E. J. Hirst, BA (Birmingham) (Librarian)
  • Mrs L. Samaraweera, BVSc (Peradeniga), MSc (Aberdeen) (Laboratory Technician)
  • Mrs D. A. Tate, NVQ3, HLTA (Year 3 Assistant)


Medical Staff

  • Miss V. Blackett (Matron)
  • Miss H. E. J. Fisher, Foundation Degree in Childhood Studies (Assistant House Matron)
  • Mrs J. A. Godwin, Registered Nurse (Matron)
  • Mrs P. Y. Gregory, NVQ3 Health & Social Care (Matron)
  • Mrs W. Hall, NMC (King’s College, London) EYEd (Canterbury) (School Nurse)
  • Mrs J. A. Legon, BSc (London), SRN (Guys), SRCh (Southampton) (Matron*; Girls’ Housemistress)
  • Mrs P. E. Linton-Auteis (Matron)
  • Mrs C. Little, IIHHT Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy, NVQ2 Child Care (Matron)
  • Mrs J. H. Smith (Matron)
  • Mrs S. Van Zyl (Matron)


  • Mrs M. J. Marsh, MA in Integrative Child Psychotherapy (School Counsellor, Independent Listener)
  • Rev. B. Read (Independent Listener)
  • Dr L. Williams (School Doctor, Falklands Surgery)

Visiting Music Teachers

  • P. Bailey (Drum Kit)
  • G. R. Bentley (Percussion)
  • S. J. Bowey, FRCO (Organist)
  • Miss J. A. Coxwell, AGSM (Singing*)
  • C. O. Henwood, ARAM, LRAM, ARCM, DipRAM (Clarinet/Saxophone)
  • Mrs J. V. Kane, GRNCM (Violin/Viola)
  • Mrs A. Law, GRSM, ARCM (Oboe/Bassoon)
  • S. Law, BA (Double Bass)
  • V. P. Lindsey-Clark (Classical/Acoustic Guitar)
  • Mrs J. P. MacKenzie, ATCL, LTCL (Vla) LTCL (TD) (Violin/Viola)
  • Miss S. R. Moore, BMus (RCM), DipRCM (Flute)
  • Mrs C. O’Connor, BA (Stirling), CT (ABRSM), Dip (ABRSM) (Piano)
  • Miss A. Patten, MusB (University of Manchester), MMus in Solo Performance (Saxophone)
  • J. L. Rennie, (Guitar)
  • N. Streeter, CertEd (St Paul’s College, Cheltenham) (Percussion)
  • A. Townsend, LLCM (Brass)
  • Mrs E. Verkerk, BMus (RCM) (Assistant Director of Music)
  • T. W. C. Walters, BA (Leicester), LLCM (TD), FLCM (Guitar/Music Technology)
  • Mrs A. J. Williams, GRSM, LRAM ('Cello)
  • O. M. Williams, GRSM, LRAM (Piano)

Visiting Sports Coaches

  • C. J. Small, BJA Registered Coach, Black Belt (2nd Dan) (Judo)

Maintenance, Grounds and Kitchen

  • N. Dann (Catering Manager)
  • A. P. Godwin (Head Groundsman)
  • B. D. Haines (Clerk of Works)

Student Tutors

  • Meg Dempster, Presbyterian Ladies' College, Perth
  • Claudia Hammond, Pymble Ladies College, Sydney
  • Meg Henderson, Brisbane Girls Grammar School, Brisbane
  • Richard Kelly, Melbourne Grammar School, Melbourne
  • Jordenne Mills, Presbyterian Ladies College, Perth
  • Joe Myers, The Scots School, Albury
  • Brooke Wilson, Pymbles Ladies College, Sydney


All staff, both teaching and non-teaching, provide excellent pastoral care and their examples lead to the purposeful atmosphere that pervades the school.

Cheam School
Headley, Newbury
Berkshire, RG19 8LD


School Office
01635 268242

School Registrar
01635 267822

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