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Worship is a central part of our lives at Cheam.

The Chapel is at the heart of the School and is the focal point of activities at the start of the day. The School meets to worship together three times a week, with our main service taking place on Saturday mornings.

We have Chapel on Monday mornings and our Assemblies, which are alternately split (Senior/Junior)/Full on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning are also based in a worship context. On Thursday mornings, the children have an extended pastoral period with their form tutors and on Friday mornings, we have time set aside with all the School to practise Chapel music called Congers.

Our Worship at Cheam is lively and vibrant and music plays an important role in this. We arrange a hymn for the shorter services and usually three or four hymns for the main service. The School enjoys the communal activity of hymn singing and we have a very extensive repertoire of material from traditional hymns to very modern choruses. The children seem to enjoy both. These are accompanied primarily by the organ, played by Steve Bowey (School Organist), but we also use the piano and occasionally a wider range of instruments depending on the repertoire concerned.

At our Saturday service, we try to perform at least one anthem and all the various Choirs have the opportunity to sing in this context each term. Our Chapel music is primarily led by the Tallis and Elgar Choirs – our robed Chapel Choir. We work hard to show the children how music can enhance a time of worship or help to mould a service around a chosen theme.

We introduce a diverse range of music and during the year organise services that focus on a specific event or different worship styles. For example:

  • Songs of Praise - with personally chosen favourite hymns to start the year in fine voice.
  • Remembrance Day - commemorated with more formal worship, trumpet fanfares and the Last Post.
  • Harvest Festival - a unique opportunity to introduce some special musical material.
  • Carol Services (Junior and Senior) - these are always such an exciting opportunity to explore a wealth of beautiful music.

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