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It is the aim of the History Department to create a learning environment which promotes an interest in History and a curiosity about the past.

Through the teaching of History it is hoped to give pupils an appreciation that today's world grew out of yesterday's. The Department aims to introduce pupils to significant elements of their cultural heritage. The Department feels strongly that pupils should have a firm grounding in the History of Britain.

The courses taught follow the National Curriculum History and go into greater depth where the Common Entrance Syllabus requires further study. As well as learning about certain historical periods pupils will learn to analyse sources from the past and judge their value and relative importance.

Visits to historical sites are promoted within the Department. Pupils in Year 7 take part in a joint History/Geography trip to a different part of Britain each year. Castles, manor houses and cathedrals are amongst the places visited.

Pupils are taught to draw historical parallels with modern day life, to recognise how society can learn from the mistakes of the past. Pupils are taught to realise that current affairs is an integral element in learning History as so many modern day political questions or issues are rooted in the actions of the past.

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