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Here is the full Prep School day

Time Activity Description
07:00 Wake-up call Wash, dress and make the bed
07:30 Breakfast Bacon and eggs, cereals, toast and hot chocolate
08:15 Assembly Day children in by now
08:45 Form Period Registration and a chance to get organised for the day
08:50 Periods 1 - 4 Some double lessons (especially for seniors)
11:10 Break
11:35 Periods 5 & 6
12:45 Lunch Delicious range of hot food or self-service from the salad bar
13:35 Digest Silent reading, a time to rest and recharge the batteries
14:05 Periods 7 & 8 No afternoon school on Wednesdays and Saturdays
15:15 Games Or 'Activities' on Thursdays in the winter terms
17:00 Biscuits A snack and a drink
17:30 1st Prep For Years 4 - 8 (day children and boarders)
18:00 2nd Prep For Years 6 - 8. Junior Supper
18:30 Supper Senior Supper. Junior free time
19:00 Free time
19:15 Junior Bedtime Lights out at 2030
20:15 Senior Bedtime
21:30 Lights out Sweet dreams!

Cheam School
Headley, Newbury
Berkshire, RG19 8LD


School Office
01635 268242

School Registrar
01635 267822

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